Group photo of Welcoming UN Committee Group photo of Welcoming UN Committee The Hospitality Committee of the United Nations Delegations Welcomed New Hope, PA • 2015
110th Birth Year Celebration - 1 Joining George Nakashima’s great grandson, Toshi Amagasu, in unveiling the historic plaque are Nakashima Foundation for Peace Board Members with author Scott McVay and Mayor Larry Keller, speakers for the occasion.<br />
National Historic Landmark Plaque Dedication and 110th Birth Year Celebration New Hope, PA • 2015
Mrs. Ban, Mira Nakashima and Miriam <b>January 8, 2015. Meeting in the George Nakashima Reading Room in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY</b>

A step on the path of beauty occurred on January 8th. On that day, a long cherished idea of Miriam Belov to introduce Mrs. Ban, the spouse of the Secretary General of the United Nations, to colleagues from the Nakashima Foundation for Peace took place.  It happened in a place of great beauty, at the George Nakashima reading room in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
Mme. Ban Soon-taek and the Nakashima Foundation for Peace Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City • 2015
World Monuments Fund Watch Day Poster In the late 1930s George Nakashima was at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, overseeing the construction of the 1st modern building in India. So moved by the sincerity of the atmosphere and the disciples, he joined the community and was given the name of Sundaranda, which means “one who delights in beauty”, by the great yogi and sage Sri Aurobindo.

Here we are decades later and Nakashima’s works of beauty have brought delight to millions around the world.  He has been honored and awarded many times.  On this special day we were honored to celebrate his paean to productivity, artistry and peace officially included among World Sites by the World Monuments Fund. World Monuments Fund Watch Day New Hope, PA • 2014
The Nakashima Foundation for Peace Honors The Very Reverend James Morton with the inaugural Nakashima Foundation for Peace Award The Nakashima Foundation for Peace honored The Very Reverend James Parks Morton, Dean Emeritus of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine (NYC), Founder of The Interfaith Center of New York, and Honorary Chairman of the Nakashima Foundation for Peace on Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 3:00 pm.  He received the inaugural Nakashima Foundation for Peace Award.  It was an honor and privilege for the Foundation Board to plan and participate in the day. The Very Reverend James Parks Morton Honored New Hope, PA • 2014
Events 2013 0421 Peaceconcert Pamortiz 1 Left: Cherry Blossoms and newly completed path to the Arts Building with Conoid Studio in background. Right: Mira Nakashima and Pamela Ortiz welcoming visitors. Earth Day Peace Concert with Pam Ortiz New Hope, PA • 2013
Events 2011 1016 Peace Concert 1 Tim Farrell. Peace Concert and Award Presentation New Hope, PA • 2011
Events 2011 0927 Raa Award 0 Cap and Gown, Gold Pin, and Award to George Nakashima naming him posthumously as Distinguished Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts at the meeting of the Praesidium of Academicians, September 27, 2011, Russian Academy of Arts. Posthumous Award Moscow, Russia • 2011
Events 2011 0916 Raa10thanniversary A moment of peace and reflection at the Nakashima Peace Table for the Peoples of Russia and all Europe in the tenth anniversary year since the Consecration and Presentation of the Sacred Peace Table and opening of the Tsereteli Gallery at the Russian Academy of Arts. From left to right: Nakashima Foundation for Peace VP, Irene Etkin Goldman; Russian Academy of Arts President, Zurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli; United States Ambassador to the Russian Federation, the Honorable John Beyrle. Sacred Peace Table 10th Anniversary Moscow, Russia • 2011
Events 2010 1017 Naomitutuvisit 1 Mira Nakashima, Naomi Tutu, and Irene Goldman at the Nakashima Foundation for Peace Arts Building in front of George Nakashima’s Sanskrit name, “Sundarananda” carved on a cross by Nakashima’s grandson Satoru Amagasu. Naomi Tutu Event New Hope, PA • 2010
Events 2010 Chandelor Garden 1 The Peace Garden, showing Japanese stone lantern. Peace Garden Rededication Newtown, PA • 2010
Events 2010 Historic Marker 1 The Plaque proudly standing on the edge of the Nakashima property. Historic Marker Dedication New Hope, PA • 2010
Events 2010 0613 Gn 20th Anniversary Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of George's Passing, with a welcoming by Mira Nakashima Remembering George Nakashima New Hope, PA • 2010
Events 2009 0607 Rededication 1 The renowned Scott McVay spoke with great insight and passion about “Out of a Dream: the Nakashima Altar of Peace” from the very beginning through its development to reality. Rededication at Cathedral of St. John New York, NY • 2009
Events 2009 0228 Aurovillemeditation 1 A path of flower petals leads visitors through the skeleton columns to the Hall of Peace site. Auroville Meditation Auroville, India • 2009
Events 2001 06 Raadedication 1 Angelic a capella voices of the Moscow Girl Choir “Vera” welcomed participants to the ceremony. Sayings of peace by elders from all over the world were printed on floating banners surrounding the room, along with photographs documenting the construction of the Sacred Peace Table and the first Peace Altar in New York. Moscow Dedication Moscow, Russia • 2001
Events 2000 Raa Landing Gathering at the Nakashima Sacred Peace Table for the Peoples of Russia and all Europe at the Russian Academy of Arts. Russian Friends of the Sacred Peace Table Moscow, Russia • 2000
Events 1999 05 Hagueappeal 1 The second Sacred Peace Table with candle, an origami crane, and flower offerings became the central focus for over 10,000 conference attendees at the Hague Appeal for Peace, May 1999. The Sacred Peace Table for the Peoples of Russia and all Europe made a significant stop at The Hague before reaching its final destination at the Russian Academy of Arts in Moscow in 2001. Hague Appeal for Peace The Hague, Netherlands • 1999
Altars Asia Construction 1 After removal of the brilliant golden silk cover, Mira continued her flute playing in India to commemorate the Sacred Peace Table’s first installation in the Center for Indian Culture in Auroville. Two tabla musicians played the Sacred Peace Table itself before everyone approached in silence to place their offerings of fragrant flowers and prayers. Auroville Dedication Auroville, India • 1996
Events 1996 Aurovillecelebration In the Nakashima workshop before sending the Sacred Peace Table to India, Miriam Belov read from Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem “Savitri” and led a meditation. Gary Boxer sang an original composition “A Mighty Soul” with guitar. Two priests consecrated the Sacred Peace Table in the Nakashima workshop where it was created. Auroville Consecration New Hope, PA • 1996
Events 1995 10 Un50anniversary 1 Board members and friends gather: Julian Lines, Barbara Ford, formerly of the Asian Art Department of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Miriam Belov, Meenakshi of Auroville, Mira Nakashima, Jonathan Yarnall, Irene Goldman. UN 50th Anniversary New York, NY • 1995
Events 1986 Stjohnsdedication 1 Delivery by flat-bed-truck to the front door of the Cathedral. Nakashima had considered the United Nations as a possible site, but said its doors were too small! Dedication at Cathedral of St. John New York, NY • 1986